Safari Themed Party Ideas and Safari Animal Props

What comes to mind when you think of safaris? Adventure and wilderness? Lions, giraffes, and elephants? Excitement and exploration? Wild animals and nature? The tug of the unknown? All of these things pull at our human desire to experience adventure and explore the world around us. What better theme for a party, then, than a safari animal theme

To celebrate a little one’s first birthday, what could be cuter than an event with life-sized jungle animals like pandas, monkeys, and tigers? Whether the child is dressed as a safari ranger or as an animal, the photo ops and memories will be unforgettable. Safari animals theme parties also make great baby showers! 

But safari themed parties aren’t just for kids. Recently, bachelor and bachelorette parties with safari themes have stepped into the spotlight for their uniqueness and boundless activity options. Same with engagement parties and even retirement events. It’s an imaginative theme that lets guests have some fun with costumes and activities, and maybe even get a little wild! 

Let’s explore some of the best safari animal rental ideas, from food to decor, so that your next event is a hit!

Here are some amazing images of safari animals: 

Safari Theme Party Ideas

Safari Animals Baby Showers

If you’re hosting a safari animal baby shower or a child’s first birthday party, a baby safari animals theme is perfect. Soft pastel hues and baby safari animals like monkeys, hippos, lions, elephants and pandas can adorn cupcakes and decor, and a few monstera leaves or palm fronds laid on the tabletop can elevate the food area. 

We love the idea of renting some life-sized baby safari animals props for photo ops, especially paired with a backdrop of grass or animal print. This setup isn’t complete without an instant-print camera so guests can take home their own photos of the party. 

We’ve already suggested baby animal cupcakes, but other snack options abound. Bowls of animal crackers, trail mix, and cut-up fruit are perfect finger foods for mingling and also work well as goodies for youngsters. Wrapping mini hot dogs in premade croissant dough and baking them makes the perfect hippo-in-a-blanket treat for the little ones. Another great idea is to drizzle pretzel rods with dark chocolate tiger stripes!

Here’s a Safari backdrop!

Safari Animal Engagement Parties

Whether it’s an engagement party, a bachelor party, or a bachelorette bash, nothing beats a safari animal event to celebrate the next wild stage of life. Consider highlighting this theme with some elegance - gold accents, such as plinths for snacks, favors, photos, or props work well. Vases of bright flowers and greenery make another great accent idea. 

Everyone knows that a good party will work up an appetite. Set out sandwich trays made with foot-longs cut up and lined into a curvy pattern to look like a snake. Colorful vegetable trays can be arranged to look like a lion, with carrot sticks sticking out as the mane. These, paired with a variety of dips and spreads is a winning snack for everyone. For drinks, consider mixing up pink lemonade, orange juice, and fruit punch for jungle juice. For the of-age folks, you can add white rum or vodka. 

Encourage guests to come dressed in animal print costumes to bring out their inner party animal. Whether you have a pinata, play pin the tail on the hippo, dance the night away, or just chill, the scene will be set for a good time.

Our Most Requested Safari Animal Props

Lion Statue Rental

There’s a reason why lions have long been considered the king of the jungle. Even though lions typically live in deserts and dry forests (not jungles), it’s the lion who’s the boss. There’s no way around it - lions carry themselves with an unmatched swagger. Their dignity and no-nonsense attitude keeps them at the top of the food chain. 

Famous for their starring roles in Disney’s 1994 hit, The Lion King, lions are the star of any show they’re in these days as well. Featuring a lion statue rental at your safari themed party will make it memorable indeed. 

This giant statue is perfect for events of all kinds, but our favorites are birthday parties and bachelor parties. Place him near the door for a dramatic entrance for guests. Or set him up with a backdrop for a ready-made photo booth. 

We think this lion statue rental goes best when with plants or foliage nearby - consider bringing houseplants and faux trees into the scene for some extra lifelike flair. 

Gorilla Statue Rental

When considering safari animal props for your next safari themed event, a life-sized gorilla statue rental is a must-have. Arrange it with other animal statues to set up a realistic scene for photo ops, or set it up near the food area to be sure that everyone can enjoy the presence of this additional guest at your event. 

A gorilla statue rental would be perfect for a birthday, retirement, or for celebrations that honor fans of King Kong. You could even have a spin-off on the theme, featuring Hollywood and box office props, such as movie action signs and director chairs. Don’t forget the popcorn

Circus Elephant Statue Rental

Another offshoot of the safari animal theme, consider a circus theme for your next party. With a circus tent backdrop for setting the scene, and the addition of circus plinths for some extra sparkle, all you’ll need is the circus elephant and some circus music and you’ll be ready to go!. A few large safari animal statues - think life-sized circus monkeys and elephants - make the party prop hire easy and streamlined. 

We love the idea of having a circus themed party outdoors, where you can set up stations with yard games, face painting, and classic circus-fare for snacks. The circus elephant statue rental, together with a lion and a monkey, is the perfect grouping. This kind of event would make a great work event, summertime neighborhood block party, or birthday. 

Giraffe Statue Rental

No safari party would be complete without the presence of giraffes! If you’re looking for entertainment rentals Toronto, Marquee Letters has a great selection, and if it’s giraffes you’re seeking, we have 3 different statue options to choose from! One giraffe statue rental is 6 feet tall, one is 7 feet tall, and one is sitting, the perfect addition to a photo op scene with a grassy backdrop for instant images. 

These safari rental statues are some of our most requested, and it’s clear why! They add a lifelike quality to your event - kids and adults alike can’t get enough! Please note - with these larger statues, a large space or even an outdoor setup is advised. 

Zebra Statue Rental

Did you know that every zebra has a unique set of stripes? Iconic, beautiful, and graceful, zebras are essential in safari ecosystems, so don’t forget to include one at your next event. Zebras are recognizable and favorites among guests of all ages. 

The sitting position of our zebra statue rental makes it the perfect safari rental for including in a corner or paired with other statues for a scene. You could lay hay or grass down for a play area for young kids and together with this sitting zebra or this standing one, the photos will be incredible. 

Tiger Statue Rental

The allure of big cats is undeniable. These creatures, like lions, have a commanding presence and have attracted circus goers and superstars for decades. Whatever type of event you’re hosting, a tiger statue rental is sure to make a splash. With its dignified and friendly expression and relaxed position, this one is suitable for a child’s birthday party, a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, an engagement party, or a retirement event. 

Animal print cupcakes and decorations, chocolate drizzled pretzels, orange and black balloons - the options for how to incorporate tigers and safari rental props into your event are unending! 

Monkey Statue Rental

With their mischievous personalities and similarities to humans, monkeys captivate us on-screen, in the circus tent, at zoos, and in the wild. No safari animal event would be complete without one, and this one, holding a banana, is our favorite. Especially if you’re in the market for birthday decorations in Toronto, this monkey statue rental is a good choice, because it brings some humor to your party. 

This monkey can be set on a circus plinth, on the ground near other safari animal statues, somewhere unexpected, or even on a table. Its playful presence is sure to make your guests grin. 

Panda Statue Rental

Pandas are the eternal champions in the cuteness contest. Their one-of-a kind appearance and cuddly-looking bodies make them favorites of people of all ages. For your next zoo party or safari party, consider a panda statue rental

Since this panda is sitting and munching on a bamboo stick, we love the idea of placing him near the food spread. Serve cut up green vegetables, like celery, raw green beans, and Ranch or hummus dip nearby. Or, make a quick batch of taco fixin’s and serve it with lettuce wraps for a panda-themed snack. It’s not bamboo, but it is a fun treat for your human guests that’s on-theme and delicious. 


From animal print engagement parties to jungle themed first birthdays, safari animal events are some of our favorites. So many options exist for decorations, activities, and foods! 

What will really make your safari theme stick out in guests’ memories is having life-sized safari animal statues. Whether you pick out just one or two or rent the whole crew, the addition of realistic lions, tigers, elephants, monkey statue rentals, and more will make your party unmatched. Whatever adventure awaits for your next birthday party, retirement, or bachelorette, take these ideas and go wild! 

If you want to learn more about safari animals in general, here’s a guide I found: