8 Party Themes Ideas to Rent Props for in 2021!

When it comes to party planning, starting with a theme is a sure-fire route to success. If you’re wracking your mind to come up with an amazing theme around which your decorations, music, favors, and activities can be centered, fret no more! We’ve put together eight of our favorite party theme ideas to help you. Whether it’s a birthday party, retirement celebration, corporate event, fundraiser, or backyard get-together, these themes are time-honoured, recognizable, and, best of all, fun! We’ve even added party rental and prop ideas to add creative expression, photo opportunities, and guest engagement to your event. Read on for some of the best party theme ideas in the industry.

Our goal is to limit your stress while you wow your guests. So whether you want party decor rentals with one of the themes we outlined here, or something else entirely, like a Barbie box, an Old Macdonald had a farm theme party, or general birthday rental supplies, at Marquee Letters Toronto, we can help you with all things party rentals, making your party planning and set-up a dream. 

Why pick a theme? 

Choosing a theme for your party is a great idea for so many reasons! Besides simplifying the planning process, a theme can tie together elements of your party, such as the music, favors, food, colors, activities, and more. When choosing a theme, it’s a good idea to start by considering the type of event that your party is celebrating. If it’s a child’s birthday, a fairytale or circus theme can be a hit - if it’s a corporate event or retirement party, a casino theme can make a splash. If you have a good understanding of who will be attending, you can likely go with your gut on the themes that would be best, just be sure to steer away from controversial subjects and consider the kind of atmosphere everyone is likely to enjoy. 

Mixing ‘n Matching Themes

Although we’ll be sharing 8 of our favorite themes below, who’s to say you can’t mix ‘n match a little? You can pull from the Casino Theme described below, add some marquee letters and a bit extra glamour, and go for a Hollywood theme. You can choose some of the Superhero props, combine them with some Jurassic Park dinosaurs, add in some box office props and bowls of popcorn and bam! A movie theater hit! Pull a life-sized lion and tiger from the circus theme and get your safari on. Let your creativity run wild, and amazing memories are sure to result. 

1. Superhero Theme

Is there a superhero fan in your life? We all have that friend who can quote all the lines from Batman, and celebrating that person with a Superhero party will be unforgettable. Whether it’s a birthday party, comic con event, graduation, or other kind of celebration, working with Marquee Letters Toronto can supply unimaginable possibilities. You can rent an iron man statue , or life-sized Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, or Captain America. All of these make for amazing instant photo ops with guests. Marquee Letters Toronto also creates custom-built props, so if you have an idea, it’s worth it to check in! 

2. Farm Animal Theme

Perfect for young kids’ birthday parties, but suitable for the adult guests as well, farm animal themed parties make a fun, gender-neutral option for celebrations. Whether you want to hold this party in your backyard, in a barn, or near a garden, adding a few large and life-sized farm animal props, such as our cow, piglet, and red chicken statues, goes a long way. These props are perfect for photo ops and set the atmosphere of a farmstead. If you wish, you can request that guests wear straw hats, cowboy hats, or overalls - when you turn on the line-dancing music, they’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ till the cows come home! Other fun ideas for setting the scene can be the inclusion of hay bales, live sing-along music, and activities like seed-planting in each guest’s very own flower pot to take home.

The best decor for any farm-themed party would include a variety of props, a backdrop, lantern lighting, music, and on-theme snacks. Create a great food table by draping feed sacks or a burlap table runner and using mason jars as flower vases with daisies and wildflowers. Place settings or party favors can include colorful bandanas or cowboy hats for each guest. Use a vintage wine barrel or white wagon wheels along with a barn house backdrop to complete the look. Plan an Old Macdonald had a farm theme party for the kiddos with the addition of our Barn Animal Cutouts (the set of three includes a cow, horse, and pig).

3. Casino Theme

Perfect for school events, cocktail parties, company gatherings, and more, the casino theme is always a winner. Interested in the casual poker night or dice atmosphere? No problem! String up some lights, lay out a smattering of tasty appetizers, and enjoy an evening with friends. Or how about the glitz and glam of Las Vegas? Request that guests come dressed to the nines and, as they enter, balloon arches, giant cards, and party rental supplies like our dice table will set the mood for a night of luck. For parties with of-age guests, you can offer martinis or custom cocktails with a party cart rental to make a splash. You can go so far as to set up games and give out fake money and offer some fun prizes, like movie tickets or gift cards, and your party will go down in history as one of the best.

4. Fairytale Theme

What little girl didn’t dream of having Pegasus attend her birthday party? With a life-sized unicorn, Pegasus, and a beautiful fairy as guests, your little princess’s imagination will be running wild. A 7-foot storybook prop from Marquee Letters adds to the magic of the scene, along with some of the best options for throne chair rental in Toronto. Start your party with offering each guest a princess wand and crown, set up a miniature tea party with tiny sandwiches and sweets, and allow guests to play dress-up for a dance party with their favorite fairytale soundtrack.

For parties celebrating princesses who are a bit older, consider party decor rental such as a lavish backdrop, such as a pink velvet circle wall backdrop or our pink and gold bridal set, which includes one gold arch piece, one custom color backdrop, one medium floral arrangement, one medium plinth., and one gold plinth table. With some delicate desserts, a romantic playlist, and perhaps a bottle of champagne, everyone will feel like they’re playing make-believe in no time. Whether it’s a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday, your guest of honor will absolutely feel like a princess. Don’t forget your king throne chair rental for your Prince Charming to make an appearance! At Marquee Letters Toronto, we offer a huge variety of birthday party furniture rental options, so whether you’re looking for plinths for rent or prop rentals, consider us your one-stop shop. 

5. Carousel Theme

Carousel themes make great baby showers and birthday party themes. A mix between a circus and a fairytale, carousels are timeless and much-loved staples for celebrations.With lots of edible sparkles and buttercream frosting, cupcakes and sweets are perfect for serving alongside the enduring favorite, popcorn, for a carousel themed party. A Ferris wheel cupcake stand is perfect to set the mood for a whimsical and sweet event, and, when paired with casual games and prizes, will evoke memories of the past that are sure to make everyone smile. You could even rent a soft-serve ice cream machine for a tasty treat! Adding balloons and accents of gold from our array of plinths will tie together the whole event and add a cherry on top for your carousel themed party. 

6. Lego Theme

To celebrate the Lego fan in your life, there are fun and easy ways to create a Lego-themed party using party rental supplies and a bit of creativity. With customized bricks to spell the birthday boy or birthday girl’s name within a large and bright Lego backdrop, everyone will know that they’re entering Legoland as they join the party. Life-sized Lego bricks in a number of classic colours can be set up throughout the event space to serve as photo ops.

Spread solid-hued blankets or towels over the floor and set out buckets of legos for a fun engaging activity for guests as they arrive and while you wait for everyone else. To serve punch or juice, consider washing an empty Lego bucket and using it as a serving bowl for an on-theme and out-of-the-box idea. 

7. Circus Theme

If you’re seeking circus-themed birthday props for rent, you’re already on track for a smashing party success. You can’t go wrong with a circus tent backdrop for setting the scene, and adding in a selection of circus plinths for some extra sparkle. This is the time to integrate bright balloons and streamers, bringing forward playfulness and youth to your event. Add a custom piece welcoming guests to the party by selecting a design from our array of birthday sign rentals. A few large safari animal statues - think life-sized circus monkeys and elephants - make the party prop hire easy and streamlined. With some lively circus music in the background, classic circus-fare for snacks, and yard games, everyone will have a great time.  

8. Jurassic Park / Dinosaur Theme

A stellar theme for parties of all kinds, dinosaur parties are fun for all ages. For a child’s birthday party, consider renting a life-sized baby T-Rex wearing a saddle for guests 110 lbs and lighter. For older guests, go with a Jurassic Park theme and feature a T-Rex, baby Triceratop, brown raptor, Velociraptor, and 2 types of life-sized hatching dinosaur eggs. Whether it’s great photo ops or creating the perfect setting with props, our hedge wall is a fantastic addition. It even features a frighteningly-realistic dino head in the 8x8 wall! With table centerpieces made with fern bouquets, some additional greenery spread throughout the space, and a dinosaur statue peeking out here and there, guests will feel as though they’re on-set themselves! 


Whether you’re aiming to maximize the effect of your party, hoping to keep the planning process efficient, or just looking to change things up from your traditional event, considering from among this list of 8 popular party themes will help you achieve your goal. Themes are especially impactful when they integrate props, such as party furniture, birthday signs, life size statues, and other types of decor. Adding theme-related music and snacks rounds out the prep, and promises a great party. 

If you’re interested in seeing more of what Marquee Letters Toronto offers to support your event planning, visit our website and reach out today!